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Row of India rubber solutions from Rezinotekhnika-Altai
Assortment of gum goods from Rezinotekhnika-Altai

Gum elastic items or in brief, RP, represent materials made from diversified types of caoutchouc mix based on fresh or artificial India rubber. Any caoutchouc article always includes additional impurities and additives that promote the development of polymers of a special composition. As a result, rubber and the production itself acquire the indispensable physical traits.

The Rezinotekhnika-Altai producer manufactures and offers variant types of gum elastic goods, which are widely and successfully used in different fields, including house, industrial and other structural and tech segments. The Chevron seals GOST 22704-77 https://rti-altai.ru/uplotneniya-dlya-pnevmo-i-gidrosistem/manzhety-nearmirovannye/shevronnye-uplotneniya-gost-22704-77/ page presents various types of rubber goods manufactured following fixed international standards and following with the GOST provisions.

Basic caoutchouc devices’ classification

The range of gum solutions produced by the designated manufacturer is wide and manifold. All India rubber items can be generally classified into few huge groups:

• Conveyor leathers.
• Molded.
• Non-molded.
• Belts.
• Rubber hoses.

The crude material applicable to any production of this variant is any India rubber, including in-kind and false. Let's talk in more detail about each of such solutions’ character. Conveyor straps are used in the design of industrial conveyors as essential and indispensable device in almost any production. For better strength and wear resist belts can be firmed with fabric or steel cable.

Molded goods include different character of solutions - sealing, gaskets, seclusion, dust, oil and moisture vindication elements, shock absorbers, rings of any variants and much more. This type of RP is produced by kneading the rubber concoction and vulcanizing it in a exclusive mold.

Non-moulded devices include a lot of articles and mainly involve house sealing stuffs. Most common, such articles are used to seal up door and window holes as well as to seal up joints generated between building dados. The structure of such solutions can be monolithic or mushy.

Belts are another variety of designated gum elastic solutions, used as a flexible item in industrial machinery or automobile engines. Wedge and steady belts are in the greatest claim and popularity are amidst the types of such thongs.

Caoutchouc hoses are compliant pipelines used first of all for the supply of effervescent substances, liquids or gauzes under push in different industries and studios.
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